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The Islamic Calendar | Muslim Calendar | Hijri Calendar | Islami Mahino Ke Naam:

The Islamic Calendar | Muslim Calendar | Hijri Calendar | Lunar Calendar | Islami Mahino Ke Naam: - Islamic Months Name In Urdu, Islamic Months Names In English, Islamic Months Names In Arabic, Islamic Months Names In Hindi - इस्लामी महीनो के नाम हिंदी में And Other More Languages.
The Islamic calendar is a lunar calendar consists of twelve months in a year and 354 days. There are either 29 or 30 days each month, but they are not in order. It is also called as Muslim calendar or Hijri calendar.

Islamic festivals or the holidays are celebrated according to the Islamic calendar. The traditional practice is, festival dates are decided and declared by a committee of Muslim leaders in the local country. This practice is followed in the majority of Muslim countries. Muslim leaders follow the process of the first sighting of the crescent moon after sunset to decide the first day of each month and then festivals are derived from there.

The 12 months of the Islamic Calendar, in order are these.

Islamic Months Names In English:

  1. Muharram
  2. Safar
  3. Rabiul-Awwal
  4. Rabi uthani
  5. Jumadi ul Awwal
  6. Jumadi-uthani
  7. Rajab
  8. Sha’ban
  9. Ramadan
  10. Shawwal
  11. Zhul-Q’ada
  12. Zhul-Hijja

Islamic Months Names In Urdu:

  1. مُحَرَّم
  2. صَفَر
  3. رَبِيع ٱلْأَوَّل
  4. رَبِيع ٱلْآخِر
  5. جُمَادَىٰ ٱلْأُولَىٰ
  6. جُمَادَىٰ ٱلْآخِرَة
  7. رَجَب
  8. شَعْبَان
  9. رَمَضَان
  10. شَوَّال
  11. ذُو ٱلْقَعْدَة
  12. ذُو ٱلْحِجَّة

इस्लामी महीनो के नाम हिंदी में - Islamic Months Names In Hindi:

  1. मुहर्रम
  2. सफर
  3. रबीउल-अव्वल
  4. रबीउल-आखिर(सानी)
  5. जुमादिल-अव्वल
  6. जुमादिल-आखिर(सानी)
  7. रज्जब
  8. शाअबान
  9. रमज़ान
  10. शव्वाल
  11. जिल क़ाअदह
  12. जिल हिज्जा
आज ही इन्हे याद करे और इन सही इस्लामी महीनों के नामो को अपनी बोलचाल मे इस्तेमाल करे....

Islamic Months Names In Arabic:

  1. مُحَرَّم Muharram
  2. ‎‎صَفَر Safar
  3. ‎رَبِيْعُ الأَوّل Rabi Al Awwal
  4. ‎رَبِيْعُ الثَّانِي Rabi Al-Thani
  5. جَمَادِي الأَوّل Jumadi al-awwal
  6. جَمَادِي الثَّانِي jumadi al-thani
  7. ‎رَجَب Rajab
  8. ‎شَعْبَان Sha'ban
  9. ‎رَمَضَان Ramadan
  10. ‎شَوَّال Shawwal
  11. ‎ذُوالْقَعْدَة Dhu al-qaada
  12. ‎ذُوالْحِجَّة Dhu al-hijjah
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