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10 Amazing Miracles Of Prophet Muhammad PBUH

The Man Called Muhammad ﷺ ‎| 10 Amazing Miracles of Prophet Muhammed  (Peace & Blessings Of Allah Be Upon Him) | 10 Miracles You Must Know About Prophet Muhammad ‎ﷺ:

1. Do You Know That Flies, Insects, Ants, And Mosquitoes Never Stood On His Body?

2 Do You Know That Muhammad ‎ﷺ Did Not "Yawn"?

3. Do You Know That Both Domestic And Wild Animals Were Not Angry With Muhammad ‎ﷺ:

4. Do You Know That Even If He Slept, He Could Hear Any Conversation? ‎ﷺ:

5. Do You Know That Muhammad‎ﷺ: Could See Everything Both "Front" And "Back" At The Same Time Without Turning? ‎ﷺ:

6. Do You Know That The "Earth" Covered His Urine And Stool Immediately As He Passed Them Out?‎ﷺ:

7. Do You Know That Nabie ‎ﷺ: Was Always "One Foot Taller" Than Anybody Who Stood Near Him? ‎ﷺ:

8. Do You Know That   Muhammad‎ﷺ Was Circumcised, Washed And Cleaned In His Mother's Womb Before Being Born To This World? ‎ﷺ:

9. Do You Know That Nabie ‎ﷺ: Had No "Shadow" Even In The Sun, Moon Or Light? ‎ﷺ:

10. The Chest Of Muhammad‎ﷺ: Was Opened Twice During His Life
       1. 5 Yr: Satanic Part Was Taken Out
       2. When He ‎ﷺ Was To Go On The Heavenly Journey Of Mi'raj (Knowledge & Wisdom Were Put Into His Heart & The Chest Was Washed With Zam Zam)

Even If You Do Not Share, You Will Be Rewarded, But If You Do, Your Reward Will Be Immeasurable!!!

Muhammad‎ﷺ: "Sallal-Lahu-Alaihi-Wasallam" May The Peace & Blessings Of Allah Be Upon Him

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