Insan Ki Behtarin Cheez Kya Hai | Daily Hadees

Insan Ki Behtarin Cheez Kya Hai? (What is the best thing about a person?)

Hadees :
Ek Martaba Sahaba-e-Kiram (Alaihimur Ridwan) Ne RasoolAllah (Sallallahu Alaihay Wasallam) Ki Bargaah Me Arz Kiya, “Ya Rasool’Allah (Sallallahu Alaihay Wasallam)! Behtarin Cheez Jo Insan Ko Di Gayi Woh Kya Hai ?”
Rasool’Allah (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) Ne Irshad Farmaya: “Acche Akhlaq
[Mishkat Sharif]

Allah Ta'ala Ham Sabko Ba-Akhlaq Banne Ki Nek Taufik Ata Farmaye...Ameen.

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